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Loading a simple mixture of proteins

Start menu

Wait for the program to load. Most of the menus are not yet available.
Only the Help and Start menus have any selectable items. Click on the Start menu.

Then click on Start from beginning....

Select Mixture Dialog
You need to start off with a very simple mixture that we can experiment with. The list of available mixtures that you get may not look exactly like this, but somewhere in the list there should be Easy3_Mixture. Select it and then click on the OK button.

Select Protein Dialog
As its name suggests, this mixture contains three proteins. The computer will ask which of the three you want to purify. Click in the edit box, type 2, (or use the direction buttons) and then click on the OK button.

Protein Properties Dialog
The computer will give protein 2 an enzymic activity and tell you about its stability. For the time being, you can ignore it and just click on the OK button.

Cleared Window
The work area will clear and the menu will change. At this point, you are ready to do some experiments with the protein mixture.